Dez Bryant- My surroundings caused off the field problems, ‘I feel like I fixed that’

There’s not much to question about Dez Bryant’s ability on the football field. He has outstanding speed, athleticism, hands and leaping ability. At 22-years-old, he already possesses the tools to be one of the top pass-catchers in the game.
However,wholesale nike nfl jerseys, off of the field, the former Oklahoma State standout has run into some trouble. Whether it was a Dallas mall incident where he was given a criminal trespass warning or multiple lawsuits stemming from failure to pay back loans for jewelry and sporting event tickets, Bryant has had his name in headlines for the wrong reasons.
Recently, Bryant,euro 2012 jerseys wholesale, who has steered clear of trouble over the last several months, admitted that some of his questionable choices were the result of personal relationships. And according to the Lufkin High School grad, he has made improvements in that area.
“I don’t think it was the choices,cheap football jerseys free shipping,” Bryant told the Cowboys’ official Web site. “I think it was my surroundings. I feel like I fixed that, and I’m headed on the straight and narrow path. I don’t need to get into details. Everything is done, I like how it’s going and my life is on straight.”
After recovering from a broken ankle that cut his rookie season short, Bryant appears to be poised for a big year as a starter in the Cowboys offense. He has been extremely positive about the start of a new campaign and his teammates have raved about his work ethic and performance in practice.
“Everything is in place right now,” Bryant added. “Now it’s just how I handle it. I feel like I’m doing a good job at it and I’m going to keep on doing a good job at it.”

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Bob Sturm’s sack analysis for the Eagles game- One sack, but worth discussing

Only 1 sack to review from Sunday,authentic mlb jerseys wholesale, but there is a lot to look at on this one play.
Play #28 – “S11″ – 1/10/43 – Fire Zone blitz Sack by Tapp, Hansen

What Happened: This one is simple in one regard and quite complex in another. First, the simple part. The Eagles are running a simple Fire Zone Blitz. We have explained this a few times this season because the Cowboys have done it and have had it done to them, but let’s review the concept. A blitz is usually thought of as “outnumbering” the protectors traditionally. Over time, defenses saw that blitzing 7 players was a huge gamble for the defense, so things evolved. A fire zone doesn’t do that at all. It is not the number of rushers, it is the deception of the 4 who are actually coming. In other words, an OL can protect against 4 quite easily under normal circumstances, but what if you show 4, but 2 of the 4 drop into coverage, and another 2 defenders who you did not think were rushing are sent? Then, you have OL guys with nobody to block on one side, and too many rushers to hold off on the other side.
Here, the Eagles show a simple 4 man rush. Andre Gurode and Jon Kitna in the presnap are actually trying to figure out the Eagles plan and they step right into the trap. See how occupied Kitna is with the CB to his left that he thinks is blitzing. Little does Kitna know that he is only a decoy because they are bringing the corner from the other side. Look at Felix Jones. He is offset right until they move him to the left. If he stayed right, he was there to pick up 21-Hansen. But when he was told to watch the other side, he is merely an onlooker as the Eagles storm the castle with no resistance. Then, the man over Gurode cuts way over in the direction of Doug Free to occupy LG, LT, TE, and RB almost all by himself. The man over Davis 75-Parker, cuts inside to Gurode to try to occupy RG and C. Now,blank football jerseys wholesale, 91-Tapp takes Colombo outside leaving a lane between RT and RG you could drive a truck through for 21-Hansen who comes untouched. Sometimes you lose a physical battle and other times you get fooled by the scheme. Score one for the Eagles. The good news is that this is the only sack they were able to get in 60 snaps. Below,cheap custom football jerseys, I give this sack to Kitna because of the read he made in moving Felix. I actually believe it is Gurode’s protection call, but for simplicity sake, I don’t want to confuse Gurode’s verbal call with his ability to pass protect.
Season To Date Sacks
The season totals for Sacks Allowed: Davis 4.5, Free 4.5, Coverage 3.5, Colombo 3.5, Costa 2, Gurode 1, Jones 1, Witten 1, Kitna 1, Kosier 0.

Sack #























HTML Tables
Bob Sturm is host of BaD Radio on The Ticket 1310 AM Mondays through Fridays at 12-3 p.m. He also hosts The Ticket’s Cowboys pregame show.

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How did the Green Bay Packers get their nickname-

The oldest continuous franchise in the NFL also has the most unique nickname. In a league whose team names lean toward an animal (Eagles, Dolphins, Panthers) or a historical event (49ers, Ravens, Patriots) or a controversial nod to the past (Chiefs, Redskins), the Green Bay Packers stand out. How did the 92-year-old franchise get the name?
As with most questions in sports, the answer has to do with money.
In 1919, Curly Lambeau decided to start a football team in the small Wisconsin town of Green Bay. Akron,cheap custom football jerseys, Canton,soccer national team jerseys, Dayton, Hammond and Muncie all had teams, so it wasn’t a stretch for Lambeau to start a franchise in his hometown. He just needed some funding to get off the ground.
At the time, Lambeau was earning $250 per month as a shipping clerk at a local meatpacking company. He convinced his employer to put up $500 for jerseys and equipment and also got permission to use the company’s athletic field for practice. With all that support from the packing company, it was a natural that the team call itself the Packers.
The affiliation with the Indian Packing Company soon ended and before the team’s first official NFL season,cheap nike nfl jerseys, the company was absorbed by the Acme Packing Company. For a time, the team wore “Acme Packers” on the jersey. In each official NFL season, the team has been known as the Green Bay Packers. Both companies would soon be out of business, but the name stuck.
As for what the “G” on the Packers helmet stands for, Tiki Barber tells us in the video below.

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Horton bypasses Cowboys, take DC job with Arizona

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Ray Horton never made it to town to interview with the Dallas Cowboys.
Horton, formerly the secondary coach with the Pittsburgh Steelers,authentic nba jerseys wholesale, was named Arizona’s defensive coordinator today. Had the Arizona situation not worked out for Horton,euro 2012 jerseys, he was going to meet with the Cowboys about a position on the staff of new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.
The Cowboys at one point had Horton on their list of candidates for the defensive-coordinator position. They never had a chance to talk with him during Pittsburgh’s run to the Super Bowl.

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Photo- Golf fans get to see Cowboys Miles Austin, Emmitt Smith and Jason Witten together

No, they haven’t share the same huddle as members of the Dallas Cowboys, but that doesn’t mean Miles Austin,wholesale nba basketball jerseys, Jason Witten and Emmitt Smith haven’t played together. The threesome any Cowboys fans would love are playing together at this weekend’s American Century Championship celebrity golf event.
Miles Austin, Emmitt Smith and Jason Witten took to the links on Thursday. (
“It’s always great to be with the Cowboy family,2012 nike nfl jerseys,” Witten said about his playing partners. “The competitive nature in me wants to beat them, but they’re friends. Miles is great.”
Though Witten didn’t anticipate he would do well, he still had hopes of earning bragging rights at Valley Ranch.
“I just hope I beat those two, that’s my only goal,soccer team jerseys wholesale,” Witten said.

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Jason Garrett sets tempo on first day as Cowboys’ interim head coach

In his Wednesday press conference since taking over as interim coach of the Cowboys Jason Garrett was asked 38 questions in a little less than 15 minutes, not including his opening statement.
Garrett did not offer many specifics, which is how he was when he talked about the offense before Monday’s promotion,cheap authentic football jerseys, but he talked about how he wants things done, a little of about how he will operate during practice and in games
“It’s business,” Garrett said. “It’s time to get to work. We’re in the middle of a transition in the middle of the season. That’s different for a lot of people, but let’s get to work. The Giants are going to be at the Meadowlands at 4:15 on Sunday and they are an awfully good football team in all areas. We’ve got to get ready for them.”
Garrett said he will be involved in the defense. Wade Phillips did not have much interaction with Garrett during games, other than making suggestions about certain plays and whether they would go for it on fourth down or not.
“I’m the head coach of the football team, so we’ll talk about what we’re doing going into the game,” Garrett said. “We’ll talk about the adjustments we make during the game.”
Because of his new responsibilities, Garrett said he will hand off duties to the offensive staff more in his absence. He will continue to call plays. He will also continue to look at plays in between series with the quarterbacks but not for as long as he did before.
“I don’t think it feels like starting over,” Garrett said. “There are a lot of players and coaches in this building that we have a history with, that we’ve had success with. We understand how we got started this season. We’re at the halfway point. We’ve got a lot of football to be played,blank football jerseys wholesale, so we remind everybody of that,new nba jerseys 2012, where we’ve been, but more importantly where we’re going and what we need to do is focus on today. Be good today. Put good days together, give ourselves a chance on Sundays, so they’ve heard that message.”

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Cowboys Mat McBriar on punt block- ‘It was definitely shocking’

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EAST RUTHERFORD,nhl jerseys wholesale, N.J. — Mat McBriar wanted to accept blame for one of the plays that contributed to the Cowboys’ fourth-quarter collapse in their 27-24 loss to the New York Jets. But there was little he could do. With five minutes, eight seconds left in the game,buy wholesale nba jerseys, a punt by McBriar was blocked by Joe McKnight and recovered by Isaiah Trufant, who returned the ball 18 yards for a touchdown.
“It was definitely shocking,” McBriar said. We knew they were going to bring some heat. You feel responsible in a way for the way things turned out.
The touchdown by Trufant, who was added to Jets’ active roster Saturday, changed the complexion of the game as the Jets tied the score at 24.
“It left a sour taste in your mouth,” McBriar said. “That’s for sure…It was a great play they made. It was disappointing for us.”

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Cowboys’ Tony Romo gets a free pass from CBS analyst

Maybe Phil Simms was simply in the holiday spirit. Or maybe it’s a quarterback fraternity thing. But the CBS analyst didn’t mention he thought Tony Romo had gotten off to a terrible Thanksgiving Day start until late in the fourth quarter.
He credited the Miami defense for making plays instead of putting Romo under an early microscope in a must-win game against an inferior opponent.
And when he finally did point a finger at Romo, Simms almost sugarcoated the perfectly awful first quarter that featured two interceptions against the underdog Dolphins by calling it “a rough start.”
Maybe Simms simply knows it’s not how a team starts,wholesale nba jersey, it’s how it finishes.
Although he did concede the Cowboys, down 19-17 to the Dolphins and on defense with 4:47 remaining,wholesale authentic nba jerseys, were “getting close to a crushing defeat.”
But the Cowboys finally forced a three-and-out, relied on Romo to Jason Witten passes,wholesale mlb baseball jerseys, DeMarco Murray’s running and Dan Bailey’s leg to pull out a 20-19 victory.
In the end, Simms credited Romo with only one “ill-advised pass” on what turned out to be a completion and “a library of good plays and good moments.”
On the whole it was a typical Simms-Jim Nantz performance in the CBS booth. There were lots of facts, few histrionics and no need for antacids after a turkey dinner.

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Tony Romo hopes Cowboys gain -competitive advantage- with workouts

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Quarterback Tony Romo liked what he saw during the Cowboys first team practice of the lockout.
“I was very pleased with the turnout,” said Romo,wholesale baseball jerseys, who added that roughly 40 players showed up for Tuesday’s practice at an undisclosed location. “The guys were excited to be out there. It was a crisp and fast-paced practice. You could tell the guys were energized to be back into football on the field.
“I think as we continue to do this going forward, it will help us improve tremendously this off-season. Any competitive advantage we will be able to obtain,new nhl jerseys, that’s why we’re out there doing the things we’re doing. We’re excited knowing we’ll be that much farther along and we’ll be in football shape.”
The practice was designed to mirror what the players would regulary do in a mini-camp session at this stage of the off-season. Romo also said the fractured left collarbone that prematurely ended his season nearly six months ago feels great and that he wishes, “the season was starting tomorrow.”

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WR Cole Beasley has a change of heart, returns to Cowboys

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Cole Beasley walked away from the Cowboys a few days ago,national team jerseys, saying his heart wasn’t in it.
It appears he’s had a change of heart.
The receiver from SMU has informed the club he wants to return. He will be in Oxnard today and work his way back into a rotation that has been hit with injury.
Beasley walked into Jason Garrett’s office between Friday’s practices and told the head coach that his heart was no longer into football. Garrett put Beasley on the exempt-left squad list and let him know he was welcome to return if he changed his mind over the next few days.
Since Beasley left camp,euro 2012 jerseys nike, starter Miles Austin has suffered a hamstring injury and receiver Saalim Hakim has gone down with a finger injury. Executive vice president Stephen Jones said the team would bring in a wide receiver or two because of those injuries.
It turns out Beasley is one of them.

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